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About Us

Casual textiles with stylish logos and prints: wholesale distribution from «Reklama-City» trading company!

Dear partners and customers, experts in fashionable textiles market!

Do you develop Your business? Do you wish to increase your sales? Do you expand the customer audience? On behalf of “Reklama-City” trading company I can certainly say: we are ready to help you, gladly and competently!


Of course, with a wholesale supplies of fashionable and stylish products at the affordable price. Our product is the knitwear with famous licensed prints and logos: singlets, t-shirts, shorts and trunks, sweatpants and sweatsuits, skirts etc. With our help, You will always have that particular products which are currently in demand.

Heightened interest in kids’ t-shirts and shorts with soviet cartoon characters? No problem – we can offer the knitwear with colorful pictures at Your choice: confident wolf, charming lion cub, smart parrot. The football rage wave is rising? Just imagine how the t-shirts with FC Manchester United and Barcelona prints will be snapped up! “The Flintstones” are again on TV? Products with funny characters’ pictures will be sold like hot cakes.

Why do we offer knitwear particularly with licensed prints?

The answer is not hard to plumb: these brands are popular all over the world, hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in their promotion, as well as genius and expertise of thousands of the best professionals, marketing experts, designers, artists and directors all over the world. The amount of our characters’ shows on TV, cinema, Internet significantly exceeds the release of all the classic brands advertising clips put together. We pay the particular attention to creation of license portfolio, and set as main criteria the character’s relevancy for the most wide customer audience – that is, we offer the possibility to use the power and resource of world-renowned brands to develop your business and increase Your profit.

I’d like to say a quick word about the quality of our knitwear: “Reklama-City” company and our partners in products making-up guarantee perfect quality of all the products. How could it be otherwise? The products, offered for sale, are made with experience and professional knowledge of our specialists, who put life into their work.

So, all the printed products of “Reklama-City” company are:

  • one – stylish, colorful, recognizable;
  • two – superior in quality, comfortable to wear and care;
  • three – varied and affordable.

Why are our prices the most bargain?

Because we are the manufacturers ourselves, and we follow price policy which attracts customers first, and then invites them to be our long-standing partners: this is the sure way to success!

You are ready to be the partner of “Reklama-City” Trade Company in the knitwear sales, but you are interested whether we work in your region or country?

We are looking to cooperate with the major trading organizations, medium-sized and small businesses entrepreneurs, retail chains of Russia and CIS countries.

Let’s run the colorful, stylish and profitable business together!

Yours sincerely, «Reklama-City» TC General Director
Petrovich Mikhail Nickolaevich

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